WhatsApp, SMS & Voice ChatBot

  • 1 Pick Providers

  • 2 Sign Up & Get Numbers

  • 3 Connect to Provider

  • 4 Add Numbers

  • 5 Talk to WhatsApp/SMS/Voice Bot

  • 6 Set up Webhook for Twilio WhatsApp Sender

Pick Providers

The following are the providers we currently work with. Different providers support different bots. Choose your provider according to your needs. Create an account with them and pick your number.

PrimeChat has put links for you to jump to their official websites. You can either access them in the according channel (see screenshot above) or on the "Integration" page (see screenshot below).

Follow the screenshots above to connect to the provider and add numbers.

Sign Up & Get Numbers

Twilio example. On their website, sign up, log in, and then you will get to your dashboard:

Click "Get a Trail Number".

In the pop-up window, the number is shown on the upper left side; click "Choose this Number" or "Search for a different number". Then you have your own number!

Connect to Provider

In your provider dashboard, click the little button on the right side to copy your "ACCOUNT SID" and "AUTH TOKEN" values back to PrimeChat:

  1. Place your copied values in the corresponding fields.

  2. Click "Save".

  3. Click "Add Phone Number" if you are building an SMS or Voice bot, otherwise, "Add WhatsApp Number".

Add Numbers

Click "Add Number" in area 3 in the above picture after connecting your provider with PrimeChat.

Click "Find Number". The system will search all the numbers that are under your provider account. Click "Add" to add one of the numbers.

You can see all your connected numbers under the "Phone Numbers" page in "Integration".

Add new numbers from the drop-down list as below: ("Buy Number" is disabled at the moment)

TIP - If you would like to disconnect the WhatsApp / Voice / SMS flow with your number or create a new flow for that number, copy the number and click "Release Number". Then your flow will be disconnected but stay safe in your "All Bots". Add the number again to create a new flow with it.

After adding phone numbers:

  1. Use the plus button to create a new flow.

  2. Button 2 is for "Open Flow" of this phone number.

Talk to WhatsApp/SMS/Voice Bot

  • WhatsApp - add the phone number as a new contact and send messages to it

  • Voice - call the phone number

  • SMS - send SMS messages to the phone number

Set up Webhook for Twilio WhatsApp Sender

If you are using Twilio for the WhatsApp channel as well, then you need to go to WhatsApp senders in Twilio and then set up the below webhook URL.

Webhook URL for incoming messages:


Status callback URL:


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